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Dan has moved to Stanthorpe and will be teaching there,

and occasionally in Brisbane

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Welcome to The Yoga Den, West End.

If you are a new student there is no need to book in for a class.

Come to class 10-15 minutes early to introduce yourself to the teacher.

The studio is fully equipped with mats, props etc, but feel free to bring your own.

If you're a heavy sweater, please bring a towel.

For information on types of classes please see the Read Me tab

At The Yoga Den, we teach and practice hatha yoga. Hatha yoga brings an awareness of movement, breath and mindfulness. There are many styles of hatha yoga such as Iyengar, Ashtanga and Bikram, and these are all forms of hatha yoga. Sometimes yoga can be very strong and challenging, and at other times gentle or nurturing. Yoga is not just about strength and flexibility, it is also about gentleness and quietness and with practice all these qualities are present in our yoga and in time become a part of our daily life.

The Yoga Den recognises that Yoga is truly for the mind and the heart

So no matter how strong or weak, flexible or inflexible you appear to be the basic practice is about learning to live healthily with an open heart and a clear mind.

In all 1.5hr classes you will be taught and guided through asana, pranayama and dharana. Typically, the first 10 minutes of class is for guided relaxation/meditation, the last 10 minutes for savasana (posture of release) and the middle part of class is postural work.

Please take a few minutes to read a short blurb about each of the teachers – we’ve all done our training under Kate Pell (amazing teacher, yogi and human), but we are all quite different in what we offer. All teachers are registered members of Yoga Australia.

Class Types

Please inform the teacher about any conditions or injuries you may be concerned about. You are your own responsibility. Always remember it's your choice what you do in the class.

Beginners/General Class

These classes are suitable for anyone who feels they are ready to begin or continue opening and strengthening their bodies, lungs, hearts and minds. In any yoga class you must be responsible for yourself, so if you are pregnant, injured or unwell you are welcome to join this class but be kind to yourself. These classes, although for beginners, can be very challenging – don’t mistake “beginners” for easy. You will learn a lot in these classes about posture, breathing and mediation – the foundations of hatha yoga.

Flow Class / Vinyasa

A flowing sequence and breath work to stimulate and energise is a great way to awaken and revitalise yourself. You’ll need a reasonable level of strength, fitness and mobility for these classes – or a willingness to attain these things.

Calm and Quiet

Monday and friday evenings are for those wanting more calm and quiet instead of high energy and exercise from their practice. Very appropriate for beginners and experienced alike.

Experienced Class

This is a strong class. Being an experienced practitioner doesn’t necessarily mean you’re super flexible or strong. It means you know your practice. You know when to go deeper and you know when to back off. You know all the foundational postures like the back of your hand. You’re willing to try new things and challenge yourself. If you’re a regular to the other classes, just ask Dan if you’re ready to come to these classes.

Private Class

Private class. For those who’d like to work on something in particular, or perhaps you’d rather get the teachers full attention and lots of adjustments and advice through your practice. A private class with Dan is $80 at the studio or $100 in your home and is 1 hour. The private class can be about working on fancy postures or it could be about helping you rehabilitate an injury, calm your mind, learn new breathing techniques, or even learning philosophy or receiving some mentoring.

Studio Info

All are welcome to attend Beginners and General classes. Experienced practitioners only to attend the experienced classes.
Classes begin on time; please arrive no earlier than 30 mins before class and no later than 5 minutes before class.
Wear comfortable clothing that allows unrestricted movement.
All classes are done barefoot.
Bring an open mind, a sense of humour and a gentleness of spirit.

Current Calendar: Please check back often for changes and updates.

Please check back over the next couple of weeks for some new changes.

Please arrive at least 5 mins early - as classes start on time. Please plan ahead so as not to disrupt the class by arriving late. This is truly appreciated by all.

Be sure to check back regularly as classes & class times my change.


  • 75/90 min class: $17 or $13 concession
  • 60 min class: $13 or $11 concession
  • 10 class pass available. Save $20.
  • $150 for 10 75/90 min classes
  • $110 for 10 60 min classes
  • All Passes Expire July 30th
  • Unlimited Monthly Pass.
  • $150 or $130 concession
  • Proof of concession must be shown.
    E.g. Full-time student card, or Pension card

Payment Method: The Yoga Den accepts cash only.

  • Day
  • Monday
  • s
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  • Tuesday
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  • Wednesday
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  • Thursday
  • Friday
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  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Class
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Beginners/General Class
  • Calm & Quiet Class
  • Beginners/General Class
  • Beginners/General Class
  • Beginners/General Class
  • Beginners/General Class
  • Beginners/General Class
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Beginners/General Class
  • Meditation/Restorative
  • Beginners/General Glass
  • Experienced Class
  • Instructor
  • Sharon
  • Hannah
  • Dan
  • Kay
  • Dan
  • Dan
  • Dan
  • Kay
  • Sharon
  • Kay
  • Dan
  • Dan
  • Dan
  • Time
  • 6:00am - 7:00am
  • 10:00am - 11:15am
  • 6:30pm - 8:00pm
  • 10:00am - 11:30am
  • 6:30pm - 7:45pm
  • 9:30am - 11:00am
  • 6:30pm - 8:00pm
  • 10:00am - 11:30am
  • 6:00am - 7:00am
  • 10:00am - 11:30am
  • 6:30pm - 8:00pm
  • 8:00am - 9:30am
  • 8:00am - 9:30am

It is not our intention to get you practicing every day, but this is of course your choice. A part of yoga is recognising when you need a break, a day off, some rest, to go and see your friends. Each week, practicing 3 or 4 times either at the studio or home is something you could set your intentions towards. Once a week is a minimum for your practice – you will not get strong and bendy doing nothing! We have payment plans for those who choose to come weekly or many times each week. Monthly passes make your classes cheaper the more you come. A 10 class pass is a discounted way to pay for classes to encourage you into a regular practice - it is valid for 12 weeks.

All Teachers Are Registered Members of Yoga Australia

Dan Alder. Dan is the studio owner and principal teacher. Dan has been teaching yoga full time since 2011 and teaching others to be teachers since 2013 (working with Kate Pell). One of Dan’s goals is to help you develop a fulfilling home practice - to teach you how to safely practice many postures (asana) to suit your ever changing body and mind. I want to help you to get to know yourself - your limitations, your strengths, your mind Dan is a strong teacher and recommends that only experienced students come to experienced classes. Dan’s beginners classes are intended for those who are free from injury and are willing to undertake a practice to bring strength and flexibility to the body, quietness to the mind and openness to the heart – easier said than done. Beginners classes are suitable for anyone who doesn’t require special support due to injury or other conditions – for these people a private session may suit your needs better.

Kay Ashwood. Kay's love of Yoga spans almost 20 years, when a friend introduced her to Ashtanga Yoga in 1996. Immediately hooked, she discovered great relief of physical tension and found inner stillness through breath work. Here began a journey into the many aspects of Yoga and exploring the connection with Mind, Body and Breath. Kay has explored different traditions and styles including Ashtanga, Iyengar and Hatha Yoga. In 2006 Kay completed 560 hrs Teacher Training with Kate Pell, who continues to be a great source of inspiration. She has been teaching since 2006 and has since become a mother of two, a journey that continues to influence her practice. Kay believes Yoga is for everybody and can be a powerful tool for change; physically, mentally and emotionally. It brings flexibility to the body but most importantly can help bring flexibility to the mind. She looks forward to sharing the gift of Yoga with others.

Deb Lewis I began practicing Yoga over 20 years ago when my Mum was training to be a yoga teacher and I was her willing student. So Yoga has been part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. I completed my 350 hour Yoga teacher training at The Yoga Den in Brisbane. I truly love Yoga and sharing its incredible power. I hope that from my classes you will not only benefit from a strong and supple body but will also notice a lightness in your bring and mind; letting your inner light shine. I moved to Sydney from England in 2000 - I have been blessed to have some wonderful Yoga teachers from around the world during this time and these teachers have influenced my Yoga greatly and offered me some wonderful knowledge to draw from. It has also enabled me to keep a state of mental clarity and physical balance during stressful periods in my life. I enjoy practicing many styles of teaching from strong vinyasa to nurturing restorative; I like to focus on breath and effective alignment to work with each unique body type and requirements. Yoga teaching for me is a lifelong practice, and my journey of Yoga teaching is as an ongoing student - attending workshops, attending yoga classes and training to develop my knowledge of Yoga asana, philosophy, anatomy, meditation, and to deepen my practice of Yoga and teaching.

Sharon Harvey I am an ex corporate exec who worked passionately in the travel industry for 17 years. My last full time corporate role was based in Mumbai India, which is where my love of yoga morphed from a fitness activity into so much more. It provided a sense of balance to the madness of a frenetic city and stressful job by bringing an inward serenity. It also kept me healthy, helped heal an old knee injury while strengthening and opening my body in ways I never thought possible as an adult. I undertook teacher training in 2014, with Kate Pell and Dan Adler, in order to deepen my own practice with no intention of teaching; however yoga brought me such clarity of mind and energy that I was inspired to share it with others.I balance life as a wife and mother to three small children with yoga and continue my journey of learning with the purpose of inspiring change, one breath at a time. I include pranyama at the start of class to settle the mind and create an uninhibited flow of energy. I teach a fluid, flowing and playful sequence with a focus on alignment and technique; careful consideration is given to the remedial benefits of the poses included within each sequence. To reap the benefits of the practice, the class ends in conscious relaxation - savasana. My aspiration is for people to leave class with a sense of lightness and calmness and a deeper knowledge of their body and inner Self.

The Yoga Den

The studio is a great space with lots of natural light and fresh air. We have all the props and mats for you – you’re welcome to bring your own if you wish. If you know yourself to be a heavy sweater bring a towel with you and please be conscious of your sweatiness when considering using props.

When you arrive at the studio, say hello to the teacher and make your payment. Many come to class to relax so if you’re with a friend and want to chat, please keep your voices low.

The studio is not heated and does not have mirrors. There are two excellent reasons for this. Firstly, a part of yoga is santosha (contentment) which means being at peace with what we have in each moment – adjusting your environment (heating the room) is one more way we try to control everything around us – yoga is about letting go of that need to be in control. When its hot, we do yoga in the heat. When its cold, we do yoga in the cold. Makes good sense. Secondly, about the mirrors… Mirrors can be an excellent tool to help you with your alignment, but your physical body is your outermost layer (anamayakosha) and yoga is about moving inward. Yoga is not a practice of vanity. Mirrors will only get you caught up in how you look, and how others look. Yoga is about learning to feel. An experienced practitioner knows where their body is and what it is doing without needing to see it from the outside.

Download Dan's Bio

Teacher Training 2017

An amazing course to deepen your own practice and get you teaching.

6 Months – 200 contact hours + homework/home practice.


Please contact Dan Alder to discuss your enrolment

Stage 1 of application is a conversation with Dan

0402 565 441

13 workshops @ 10 hours per day (130 hours)

Attend 3 classes at the studio each week (70 hours.) I am flexible on this.

Assignment. Contemplation. Home practice.

The course focuses heavily on Asana, pranayama, meditation, teaching practice and philosophy of the Yoga sutras of Patanjali.

DATES:   Feb 25 & 26, March 18, April 1, April 15, April 29,
May 13, May 27, >June 10, June 24, July 8, July 22 & 23.

Want more information? Scroll down or click here for & Testimonials

Download the Teacher Training 2017 Schedule

Download the 2017 Teacher Training Terms & Conditions

Topics Include

Philosophy of Patanjalis eight fold path.
Pranayama – slow and fast rhythms.
Meditation – exploring different techniques.
Yoga Asana – alignment, adjustment and sequencing.
Yoga physiology of the Chakras, Koshas & Bandhas.
Yoga Teaching skills – observation, adjustment & sequencing.
Functional Anatomy.
Home practices.
Sanskrit. Learn the basic's.


The last 12 months of the teacher training has been such an eye opening journey. Not only did I learn the physical side of yoga (eg. the proper alignment for each asana, the flow sequence and how to create one, the ins and outs of each asana , just to name a few), but I also delved into the spiritual world of yoga, the yoga sutra, the eight limbs of yoga. And that has totally turned my practice inside out and upside down. You've given me the tools to strengthen both my physical body and mind. And that alone is priceless. You have paved the way for my self discovery journey. And you've given me support and guidance that I need in order to explore this life long journey both on and off the mat. The only thing I would change is that I wish we could do more teaching earlier on in the course so that we gain more confidence by the end of it. (And also because I had so much fun teaching!) Otherwise, I wouldn't have it any other way. And I couldn't be happier that I've chosen this TT with you. Big love and gratitude to you Dan. Stay rad! :).

Sirin M - 2017 Teacher Training

I started my yoga teacher training with Dan at The Yoga Den in 2016. I had intentions of getting a deeper understanding of the physical attributes of the postures to expand my own practice. I did not seriously consider teaching as a path to explore. The whole experience was so rewarding and far more than I could have expected or hoped for. I learned so much about yoga and its many facets as well as a greater understanding of myself. To my surprise I have completely overcome any fear of talking in front of groups and before the course had finished I had a teaching opportunity present itself. I’m just loving it! I have thoroughly enjoyed the course with Dan, a great mentor who guides you through a path where you find your own answers. It has been so rewarding to finish this course – more than any other. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to teach, to expand their own practice or find a certainty in themselves they didn’t know existed.

Tracy - 2017 Teacher Training

When I was looking for a new yoga venue, Dan was highly recommended to me so I thought I would go and check him out and was not disappointed. I was excited about signing up and attending his yoga classes. Even though I had done yoga for 8 years, what Dan allowed me to experience in my yoga practice with him has been life changing. I admire his calmness and wish it was contagious. Dan is also an excellent communicator, whose instructions and voice are super clear and easy to follow. Dan is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced yoga instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone no matter what level you’re at. He manages to make yoga fun too and I love all the new poses I have learned from him. Attending a yoga class with Dan has always been very enjoyable and challenging. He is punctual and professional in all that he does. Thank you so much Dan, you have allowed me to explore yoga in such a different way and I love it.

Mary A - 2017 Teacher Training

Transformative! Whether you want to deepen your practice, become a yoga teacher, or are seeking change in your life, this course (Kate and Dan) will take you on that journey. Like yin and yang, Kate's teachings are nurturing and compassionate while Dan encourages strength and discipline. Seeing my body and mind transform throughout this course has truly been an incredible experience!.

Jackie H - 2015 Teacher Training

The Yoga Den TT course, without hesitation, is a beautiful opportunity to grow as a person and will open your heart up to the world and the possibilities it has to offer you. Wether it be a life changing decision to make Yoga Teaching your profession, or maybe to deepen your own knowledge and practise, whatever your reasons for making this enquiry, I thoroughly recommend choosing Dan and Kate to guide you through this journey.

Kellie J - 2015 Teacher Training

If you've been looking at this course and feel that it resonates with you then yes, definitely do it. I have had such a transformative, challenging and interesting year, supported completely by Dan and Kate, two beautiful and entirely loving souls who genuinely want to provide the best and most comprehensive course they can offer. I am so grateful to them and to myself (something I never would have imagined possible in January) for allowing the space for this year to occur. The course itself is informative, well planned, incredibly well taught and definitely holistic, giving you not only the tools to deepen your own practice in yoga, but also the knowledge and confidence required to teach it. 10/10 Bakasanas for my reclaimed strength, determination, patience and a massive dose of giggles.

Lucy C - 2015 Teacher Training

From this course there is so much to learn and to get out it that I actually think you should take it two or three times.

Ann K - 2015 Teacher Training

The experience and confidence that I have gained through attending the Yoga Den Teacher Training Course has been immensely empowering for me. I initially signed up to the course from a personal development perspective. However it has provided me with much more. The teachings and guidance provided by Kate and Dan ...and the loving support and encouragement of fellow participants...has enabled me to develop my practice to a much deeper and more spiritual level...and with a growing confidence that I now have the teaching skills and empathy required to support others on their own personal yoga journeys. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for my teachers Kate and Dan who have provided me with the confidence...and the set a new and fulfilling direction for my life. For those looking to deepen their yoga journey under the guidance of two awesome teachers ...I can't recommend the Yoga Den Yoga Teacher Training Course highly enough. To put it simply...for me...its been a game changer!!

Pam L - 2015 Teacher Training

This is the one - An enthusiastic, comprehensive and compelling teacher training course delivered with genuine warmth, generosity and love. It's truly life changing.

Jocelyn M - 2014 Teacher Training

I can honestly say Kate Pell and Dan Alder are an amazing duo who has guided me through the first six months of pure yoga bliss, on my end ward journey of becoming a level 1 yoga teacher. They both come with insight, experience, professionalism, creativity, the biggest hearts you could imagine and a set of infectious laughs! Joining their course at the Yoga Den was the best investment I have ever made! They offer more than a journey of becoming a certified level 1 yoga teacher but an opportunity for self-development and discover of your true inner beauty. As a long distance student and a mother to be who commutes to see their forever smiling faces each month they have always made me feel supported, encouraged, inspired and nurtured. As I’ve read… ‘The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see’ Alexandra K. Trenfor. This is Kate and Dan down to a T. Join the Yoga Den it’s the best place to be!

Megan T - 2014 Teacher Training

My heart is bursting open this year. I couldn't have dreamt up better teachers if I'd had the chance to. Kate and Dan teach openly and generously from a place of wisdom, compassion and immense joy. Imparting constantly astounding levels of knowledge from across many traditional and contemporary systems, they also know how to facilitate a true turning inwards. As confronting and confusing as it can sometimes feel, it's always simple. This course has quietened me down & opened me up, connecting me to the silent teacher within that I have been seeking outside for so long. I have learnt to feel deeply into yoga & into Life; in a wonder and Love that are almost uncontainable. This journey will continue to unfold forever, but Kate and Dan have managed to guide me out of the car, to enjoy the wander. The gratitude in my heart is immense, this course has been more than I ever dared to hope - game changer :)

Ally - 2013 Teacher Training

Kate and Dan bring a wealth of wisdom, experience and inspiration to the teacher training they are offering at the Yoga Den, and I can say confidently that I made the right choice coming here to undertake my yoga teacher training certificate. I have practiced yoga with many teachers for over 17 years and I am really excited about what they are offering here in this course. There is a breadth to the course that makes it quite unique, also including a developmental movement approach, meridian therapy, vipassana and metta meditation, which assists me to bring yoga into daily life in a more holistic and easeful way. The teaching and group environment is very supportive and we have a lot fun together! I'm looking forward to beginning my yoga teaching journey having received the great grounding and support of this teacher training.

Emma - 2013 Teacher Training

Going through the course is like evolving. Kate and Dan are fantastic teachers, it is a privilege to do this course, a life changer, in the best way possible.

Michelle G - 2013 Teacher Training

This is a very challenging Teachers Training Course. Kate Pell has an outstanding depth of knowledge on the practice of Yoga, yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology of the human body. She embellishes her practice with a deep understanding and commitment to the principles of yoga philosophy and her own experience of life. Kate and Dan offer a wonderful in depth course on the physical practice of yoga and meditation. Dan is a very committed, warm and encouraging teacher. Even though an older student, I was thoroughly accepted within the class. Would highly recommend this course.

Kay - 2013 Teacher Training

Learning to live with a chronic illness significantly challenged my practice til I felt quite lost and disconnected. Kate and Dan's expertise has not only taught me a deeper, more concise understanding of yogic practices and philosophy, but has lovingly guided me to more deeply reconnect with my practice and find acceptance with my new journey. Namaste.

Michelle F - 2013 Teacher Training

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Where are we?

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How to contact us:

Enquiries to: Dan Alder
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Studio Hire

How to Book

Contact us with the dates you are interested in or to discuss your requirements.


As a yoga space, 30 or so people can practice with comfortable personal space. More can fit but personal space becomes less. There are enough mats, bolsters, blocks, belts, blankets etc for more than 30 people. As a music or meditation venue the studio can easily hold 60 people.

  • A fridge is available upon request and there is a small kitchenette with enough cutlery, crockery and cups and glasses for 20 people. There is an urn for hot water available on request and a kettle and microwave in the kitchen.

  • Main room floor space is approx. 80 square meters.

  • Concrete floor.


  • 2 hour minimum hire.
  • Price includes GST.
  • Space is to be left as found.
  • Terms & Conditions Apply.


One Off or Short Term Hirers
Not for profit and small organisations/groups:
2+ hrs $25 per hour, minimum fee $50
Commercial users:
2+ hrs $40 per hour, minimum fee $80
Longer Term Hire – contract for ongoing rental applies – 3 month minimum.
All organisations/groups/individuals:
2+ hrs $30 per hour, minimum fee $60